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Next generation office printers

OSOT / Epson specializes in office printers and can help you with right copier printer in Houston, Katy TX, Pasadena TX, The Woodlands TX o rTomball TX. There many options and choices when it comes to office printers. You get standalone desktop printers, light production printers, multi-function printers, wide format printers, 3D printers and more. When it comes to office printers, you can’t go wrong with OSOT / Epson.  They already supply next generation office printers.

OSOT (Office Systems of Texas) is an authorised Epson distributor and agent and they can help you with state of the art printing, copying, scanning, faxing and document processing solutions. They remain at cutting edge of technology, bringing you eco-friendly, cost effective and high quality document imaging solutions.

There have been many advances in office printers and PrecisionCore is one of them. This development uses next generation print head technology that merges advances in materials science, MEMS fabrication and inkjet technology. This technology enables Epson printers to produce high quality output on a wide range of print media. PrecisionCore makes use of advanced Thin Film Piezo elements that are manufactured using the cutting-edge MEMS process. This is the new standard in Epson office printers. This state of the art technology can be found in network printers, industrial printers, office printers and production printers.

Office printers that employ PrecisionCore technology deliver quality and accuracy that was unheard of before. This print head technology enables results at the micron level. Now you too can have office printers that produce exceptional results at lower costs than ever before.

Whether your need large format office printers, network office printers or production office printers, make sure you are getting printers that employ the latest ground-breaking technologies such as PrecisionCore.


When you buy office printers from OSOT, you can be sure you are getting the latest in next generation equipment.

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