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All that you need to know about multi function office printers

People today look for a tool to multitask. Cell phones have evolved into Smartphones and Tablets have also been invented. Along with regular multitask appliances at home today office tools are also not far behind. One of these advancements is the MFP or the multifunction printer. This device can help with printing, scanning, copying, faxing and emailing. We at OSOT Epson offer a wide range of multi function office printers to people residing in and around Conroe, TX, Houston, Humble TX, Katy TX, Pasadena TX and The Woodlands TX.

What makes a multi function office printer a wise investment?

  • Convenient- an MFP will provide you extra features that you will not get into a single machine type. With the help of an MFP an employee can enjoy a couple of functionalities such as sending fax messages and scanning documents in the same machine whenever required without the extra cost. In fact the ability of scanning and printing a document in a single device is highly convenient.
  • Cost savings- Buying a scanner, printer and copier separately will put a dent when it comes to your capital. The good news is, now you can buy all the three at the price of one which means you can have increased functionality devoid of having to pay so much
  • Low maintenance- naturally when you are using a single device for multiple purposes the maintenance will be lower
  • Reducing waste- another big advantage is you do not require stocking up toners and cartridges for different units. This way you can cut down the amount of recyclables and disposables and thereby reduce carbon footprint
  • Need less space- being multi functional you can save on space with this device.
  • Save time- as all features are present in a single piece of technology so you will not require updating several devices which includes their drivers and software. This way you can reduce both your upkeep and maintenance time that you can allocate on other vital things
  • Discover new functions- today’s multi function printers along with offering basic functions such as fax, email, scan, print and copy can also help you in making and editing presentations, handouts, documents and the like. Above all, you can directly print from your tablet or smartphone. It also has security features that will keep your data protected

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